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Every cell of our body needs nutrients to function. Without these, essential interactions from energy production, to tissue repair, thought processes, our mood, weight and sleep patterns, simply falter. When we use Nutritional Therapy to aid health, we seek to readdress this.

Nutritional therapy focuses on you as a whole person. As such we beyond your presenting symptoms to consider the physical, mental and emotional factors that may be impacting your health. Where stress is a significant factor, we incorporate stress management techniques. Together, these powerful disciplines can help to bring you back to balance, give you greater energy and help you to feel more in control of your health.

You will be required to complete a detailed health and dietary questionnaire at home. After this we will have a consultation in the clinic for 1hour 30 minutes. During this time we will work together to review your medical, dietary and general health history from birth to the current day. This all assists in building a detailed picture of the issues which may be underpinning your symptoms. We can discuss seeking diagnostic tests if your symptoms require further investigation.

Who is the service for: Nutritional therapy can benefit anyone who is seeking to improve their health, but it can particularly help you if you have sleep problems, are often feel tired, have low mood, headaches, PMS or weight issues.

  • Suitable For:

Nutritional Therapy is suitable for anyone seeking to improve a specific health issue, those who want to take their general health and wellbeing up to the next level, or those who wish to achieve specific goals such as weight loss or detoxification.    

Virtually everyone can benefit from a colonic session and it is very good at helping prevent problems developing in the future.

All our Therapists are fully insured and accredited.
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