Northampton Clinic / Drug & Alcohol Testing

To establish current and historic use/abuse. Our tests provide evidence of recent Drug and Alcohol use. We can also break down historic use over the previous 12 months.

  • Crystal Health Group Testing:

Tests for Pre-employment, random screening and proof of abstinence using urine, hair, breath, blood and saliva samples. We can provide instant on-site results in the workplace using POC urine and saliva screening.

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Crystal Health Group is a leading provider of DNA testing and Drug testing in the UK. Ella McCrystal is the Northampton based Sample Collector based within The Northampton Clinic. We deliver a complete and fully managed testing service direct to the public, legal sector, local authorities & private commercial organisations.

Fully accredited sample collection and laboratory facilities enable Crystal Health Group to deliver on our promise of convenience, confidence and support in all the testing services we provide.